Frequently Asked Questions

+1. My Doberman Rex is diagnosed with heartworm, now we are on long-term therapy with antibiotics. He is very sensitive and has a very bad reaction to any treatment he has received, he vomits and gets diarrhea.
The veterinarian has recommended VETBION as a supportive therapy every day alongside with antibiotic therapy. VETBION is the first choice as a supportive therapy with antibiotics since it is the only one that contains probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii that is the only one that is antibiotic resistant and thereby can be used with antibiotics. VETBION protects your pet from diarrhea caused by antibiotics and all other side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, allergies. Every day along with the therapy, give one capsule/sachet VETBION, until the end of the therapy, and continue to do so one week after the therapy.
+2. My dog, Jack Russell sometimes has diarrhea, without any special cause, it lasts for several days and passes. During that time he feels very ill.
VETBION is efficient with diarrhea, so feel free to give your dog two capsules/sachets of Vetbion daily, one in the evening, one in the morning. Vetbion’s composition is such that it helps on several levels. It destroys harmful bacteria and prevents them from settling in the colon, and it stimulates and restores the natural intestinal microflora, which reduces the manifestation of symptoms. It enzymatically degrades bacterial toxins and prevents their binding to receptors and thus prevents their harmful effects. It reduces the secretion of electrolytes and therefore, it normalizes the excretion of water and the loss of salt from the body. It regenerates damaged cells of the epithelium of the bowel wall and so it speeds up the recovery.
+3. We have labradors for 5 years. Lately, he has gases and they smell very unpleasant. What can we do?
It is normal for the dog to have gases, but it is not normal that they are very common and of unpleasant smell. The causes may vary. If they are associated with vomiting and diarrhea, they clearly indicate a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. You may have changed the type of food, and this new one is of poorer quality. If the dog is voracious, share his daily meal to several smaller ones, so he will swallow less air too. Start giving your dog one capsule/sachet of VETBION daily. Vetbion will certainly help restore gastric bacterial flora to normal and it will help your dog to make better use of all nutritional ingredients from food. Also, it’ll reduce ammonia levels in gases and calm down the peristaltic of bowel.
+4. I have a female Basset and two weeks ago she had three small beauties. She eats less than before and I worry about her and the puppies. Can I give her Vetbion?
Of course you can give it to her, at this point it is highly recommended. By giving Vetbion one capsule/sachet daily, you will boost the immunity of your dog and help her to make better use of food. By raising the immunity, more protective immunoglobulins A in the mother’s milk will be found, which are necessary for puppies to fight with the coming stress and pathogens. Usually, the puppies stop nursing after three weeks, then they grow teeth, which can injure their mother. It’s a critical time for them, change from being used to the mother’s milk and switching to solid foods is stressful. So feel free to give Vetbion to the puppies too. Empty one capsule/sachet in the food you’re feeding them. Their intestines will be healthy, microflora balanced and their immunity will be excellent, which is very important because of a good reaction to the vaccine that follows when they are 6 to 8 weeks old.
+5. My cat has diarrhea with tinges of blood. Will Vetbion help him?
In cases of diarrhea that contains blood, whether it is a cat or a dog, we recommend that you contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.
+6. My cat loves to wander and when he does, he’s gone for a few days. When he returns he often has a loose, mucous stool and sometimes diarrhea too.
Your cat behaves quite normally, he protects its territory and defends it. However, that also has its consequences and these are usually injuries and gastrointestinal problems. Give him a Vetbion capsule/sachet daily, and if you have problems with him swallowing it, mix the contents into his food.
+7. My German shepherd has been struggling with intestinal problems for several years. He has been diagnosed with IBD and recommended probiotic therapy. What are the experiences with chronic problems and VETBION?
As you said, the chronic illness lasts for a long time, so the recovery is difficult and uncertain. VETBION is clinically proven and can be used with certainty in the treatment of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal system. In comparison with standard therapy, the body’s well being improves, the number of defects significantly reduces and the composition of feces improves. This improvement cannot and will not occur immediately, but you must be persistent. Give your dog one Vetbion capsule/sachet per day and you will see him happier and more content soon.

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