When is it necessary?

Kod zapaljenskih bolesti digestivnog trakta - Vetbion

In acute and chronic diarrhea of your pet

Vetbion stops diarrhea, normalizes bowel function, relieves symptoms and shortens the duration of stomach problems in record time.

With its unique mechanism of functioning, Vetbion binds bad bacteria for itself and dissolves bacterial toxins, thereby completely eliminating the cause of diarrhea from the bowels completely and preventing their harmful effects.


In inflammatory bowel disease

Vetbion has an anti-inflammatory effect in the intestine and it leads to reduced inflammation. Therefore, the existence of symptoms and signs of the disease is shorter and milder a recovery and establishment of the bowel microflora are faster. Vetbion can be reliably used as a supportive therapy for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) and PLE (Protein-Losing Enteropathy) and compared with standard therapy, the body’s well being improves, the number of stools significantly reduces and hardness increases.

Kod blagih depresija - Vetbion

When gases are frequent and due to stomach cramps

- Gases in the intestines are released during bacterial degradation of carbohydrates. When soy is present as a source of protein in animal nutrition, the release of gases is higher. In the case of disturbed bacterial flora, the generation of gases is also increased.

- It is also known that in brachycephalic dogs, that is, in dogs with "boxer" snout (bulldog, boxer, mops...), the release of gases is a normal occurrence due to frequent air swallowing during meals (so-called aerophagia).

- Gases cause stretching of the walls of the intestines and stomach, and they cause pain.

Vetbion relieves cramps and reduces the amounts of gases. It stabilizes the intestinal flora, normalizes digestion and reduces abdominal pain.

nadutost i gasovi - vetbion

When a pet gets an antibiotic

Vetbion is protection with any antibiotic.
Taking Vetbion with antibiotic therapy helps to maintain good microflora of the digestive tract and to prevent the side effects of antibiotics.
In all cases of intestinal disorder, Vetbion is there to support the weakened intestinal flora and establish a normal state.

Kod akutnih i hroničnih dijareja - Vetbion

To calm down in stressful situations

Vetbion contains magnesium that stabilizes the nervous system of dogs and cats, so it is recommended to start its treatment at least three days before the onset of the stressful situation, and preferably seven days before stress. The lack of magnesium can cause increased sensitivity to noise, nervousness, irritability, fear, cramps, mental depression, confusion, twitching and insomnia.
It is best to take the Vetbion due to preparation for exhibitions and before a competition (hunting dogs and agility competitions). Also, when traveling somewhere and before visiting grooming salons and a veterinarian. It is required as a preparation for the New Year's Eve because of the firecrackers and fireworks. Dane and Boxers are especially known as breeds that respond to stress with diarrhea.


To restore mood in mild depression

Lack of vitamin D3 in dogs and cats can cause mild depression. It occurs more often with pets living in the apartment.

For more energy and a better appetite

Probiotic cultures stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes necessary for digestion and thus increase the digestibility of food. Animals then easier and better absorb nutrients. Even bad food with Vetbion is used better.

Kod nedostatka energije i slabog apetita - Vetbion

To boost immunity, before and after vaccination

In low immunity and frequent allergies, it is recommended to take probiotics with zinc. The mucous membrane of the respiratory organs, the digestive organs and the urogenital organs are the "gateway" for microbes and allergens. Increasing the amount of a particular type of antibody on the mucosa provides protection for the "gateway" of the organism. This specific (IgA) antibody has the task of binding to allergens, bacteria, viruses and other microbes, and to protect the dog or the cat from attacks of the harmful microorganisms from the environment.
Vetbion stimulates the production of IgA antibodies, which is the first line of defense against all microbes. The IgA antibody is the major immunoglobulin that can be found in mucus, tears, saliva, vaginal fluid and secretion in the intestines and lungs.
Sometimes we hear that a disease has "broken through" the vaccine, that is, the protection, that the animal has been affected despite the vaccination or that the animal has not responded adequately or well enough to the vaccine. The causes of this may be various, but it is up to us to do everything to prevent it from happening. In addition to the "first line" of defense or non-specific immunity, Vetbion stimulates cellular immunity too– the so-called T cells – and it is recommended to take Vetbion before and after vaccination due to the stronger immune response of the organism to the vaccine.

Za povećanje imuniteta, pre i posle vakcinacija

For the proper development of small puppies and kittens

- If they were born with c-section, Vetbion supplementation at the age of one month is recommended because of the lack of beneficial bacteria that they did not get naturally via the birth canal.
- During development, they need Vitamin D3 from Vetbion, so that calcium and phosphorus can be properly incorporated and used in the body in order to strengthen the bones.
- When they stop nursing and start eating solid food, for the stabilization of the intestinal flora.

- When arriving in a new family, because of the stress of an organism that can affect the work of the bowel.

- Before and after the vaccination.

- With digestive problems.